Plenum MaxCell

MaxCell® Premise meets all of the specifications needed for in-building enterprise applications, data centers, or confined space builds. Where the cable pathway is overly dense and space is at a premium, MaxCell Premise will allow new cables to be installed easily, eliminating the need for rigid conduit. In cases of short runs, cables can often be pulled into place by hand, saving time and expense.

  • Manufactured in the U.S.
  • UL 2024 (OFCR FT-6) Listed. For Plenum and Riser applications in cable routing assemblies and communication raceways.
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen Compliant
  • Halogen-Free
  • Color differentiated pull tapes are pre-installed within each cell
  • Designed for use in ducts ranging from 32mm - 100mm (I.D.)
  • Configured in 1 to 3-Cell Packs
MXP86383BK#### 100mm 3 Cell Plenum, Black Thread
MXP64283BK#### 75mm 3 Cell Plenum, Black Thread
MXP52223BK#### 52mm 3 Cell Plenum, Black Thread
MXP52222BK#### 52mm 2 Cell Plenum, Black Thread
MXP52221BK#### 52mm 1 Cell Plenum, Black Thread
MXP32123BK#### 32mm 3 Cell Plenum, Black Thread
MXP32122BK#### 32mm 2 Cell Plenum, Black Thread
MXP32121BK#### 32mm 1 Cell Plenum, Black Thread



MaxCell Premise is also available in a self-supporting version, with a strong and flexible preinstalled, integrated galvanized support wire. Designed specifically for transporting cables efficiently in data centers, drop ceilings, and areas that require adaptable reconfigurations.

Self-Supporting MaxCell
MXP43SSBK3 Cell Self Supporting, 45mm Capacity Per Pathway, Black Thread

Design and fabrication of MaxCell is patent protected.

Use of OFNR or OFNP cable may result in reduced pulling lengths as the cable jacket compositions may result in a higher coefficient of friction over traditional OSP (outside plant) cabling. Designers should make every effort to conform to industry standards (BICSI best practices and ANSI standards) with regard to distances between any two pull points, number of bends and adhere to the cable manufacturer's maximum pulling tension specifications. Do not exceed two 90° bends or a total of 180° in a single pull. Consult a MaxCell representative if unavoidable. Proofing (mandreling) of conduit pathways is advised prior to MaxCell installation (normally 6mm to 12mm less than the diameter of the conduit).