No Matter Where You Are In the Project MaxCell® Fits

Used in Over 9 Industries

From the outset, MaxCell will save you money by maximizing space available for network communication cables.

Planning, Engineering & Network Design

Maximize your plant from the start! MaxCell can add up to three times as many pathways as traditional innerduct.

Specifications, Estimating & Project Management

Call your local MaxCell rep! They’ll review specification requirements you need, calculate the MaxCell cost savings, and ensure MaxCell is delivered where you want, when you want.

Permit Acquisition

By using MaxSpace to reclaim space in your existing duct, you may be able to eliminate this step altogether. Ask us how.


MaxCell is stocked nationally by multiple distributors – meaning your job stays on schedule.


Whether MaxCell or MaxSpace, our cost-saving solutions can deliver multiple pathways in a single conduit, simplifying even the most demanding projects.

Servicing Customers

MaxCell and MaxSpace expedite the delivery of services to customers, both new and existing.