Installation Swivels

The MaxCell® Ball-Bearing Installation Swivels are designed specifically for underground cable pulling applications. Both models (MXCIK11 and MXCSW600) are precision machined from high-strength stainless steel for excellent durability and reusability.

  • Reusable - one swivel for multiple installations
  • Very little maintenance and tooling required for use
  • Clevis pin is easily replaceable
  • Corrosion resistant construction
Product Information
Part Number Load Capacity A B C D E F G
MXCIK11 1133kg 22.23mm 9.66mm 112.01mm 26.16mm 7.87mm 13.46mm 9.53mm
MXCSW600 272kg 15.88mm 7.11mm 90.42mm 20.07mm 6.35mm 9.4mm 7.49mm
Installation Swivels

Override Paddles

Override Paddles

A MaxCell Rodder Head or “paddle” is the most effective tool for overriding existing cable plant. Insertion of the paddle over the top of existing cables presses the cables down in the conduit, creating a larger open space at the top for the placement of MaxCell and subsequent additional cable. The correct size of the Rodder Head selected for any application depends on several factors, including:

  • Inside diameter of the conduit
  • Distance the rod is to be pushed
  • Number and radiuses of bends in the conduit run
  • Overall physical condition or continuity of the conduit run
  • Existing fill ratio of the incumbent plant

Use of a MaxCell Rodder Head can facilitate placement of MaxCell innerduct. Once the Rodder Head exits the conduit run, MaxCell can be affixed to the paddle with a proper swivel in between. MaxCell can be placed in the conduit as the Rodder Head is extracted to the insertion point. A pull rope or jacketed polyester rope can also be placed during Rodder extraction, allowing for future placement of MaxCell.

PBC3/8200, Clevis, Pull Back, 3/8-16 Female Threaded, for 50.8mm duct PBC3/8300, Clevis, Pull Back, 3/8-16 Female Threaded, for 3" duct PBC3/8400, Clevis, Pull Back, 3/8-16 Female Threaded, for 101.6mm duct