Two Requirements Are Very Important

  • Swivels must always be used. (Please consult MaxCell® representative for complete swivel options.)
  • The factory installed pull tape or rope must free-float during installation.

Single Packs

  1. Make a 3 cm incision through the MaxCell, 30 cm from the end. This incision should be parallel to the product and made 1.5 cm from the colored stitch edge of the product.
  2. Pull out all pull tape or rope through this incision. If using Vis™ Glide rope, include it in the pulling head. and cut off excess. For pull tape, cut off ~50 cm and push remaining ends of pull tapes back into the cells. The tapes must be pushed back far enough into the cells so that they free-float during installation.
  3. Tie approximately 2 meters of pull tape or rope through incision. Secure with nonslip knot.
  4. With the tied-on pull tape or rope, create three to six half-hitch knots down to the end of the MaxCell. The longer the pull, the more half-hitch knots are recommended. Under tension, tighten the half-hitch knots in succession, beginning with the closest to the incision. Apply black vinyl tape over last two half-hitch knots and to the end of MaxCell.
  5. Tie the end of the exposed pull tape to a swivel using a nonslip knot. Tie the end of the pull tape or rope from the conduit to the other end of the swivel.
  6. Begin pulling MaxCell into the conduit. To further ensure the MaxCell does not spiral during installation, hand guide the MaxCell into the conduit opening and maintain the angle and face of the MaxCell pack throughout installation.

Multiple Packs

  1. Repeat steps 1 through 4 above for each individual MaxCell “pack” being installed.
  2. Tie a 2 meters of pull tape or rope to all MaxCell sleeves, and create your three to four half-hitch knots around all the sleeves at one time. All tapes should be free-floating. Note: It is recommended that the center MaxCell sleeve in a 3-way pull be aligned 1/2 turn coming off the reel so that the color stitching is opposite the top 1/2 bottom sleeve
  3. Begin pulling the MaxCell packs in. For best results, hand feed the packs into the conduit, keeping them together and faced the same way through the entire pull.