MaxCell for Bridges

Deploying infrastructure on bridges and viaducts can be challenging. Critical communications cabling deployments can lead to a choke-point where there is limited space. Since bridges are exposed to the elements and subsequent temperature variances result in expansion and contraction when using traditional HDPE options, the MaxCell flexible fabric innerduct system is a perfect solution.

Why MaxCell?

  • MaxCell’s multiple pathway design reduces or avoids permit and right-of-way delays associated with new conduit placement
  • The weight of MaxCell is 1/8th the weight of traditional HDPE while providing triple pathways which minimizes the weight load on bridges
  • It occupies 1/7th of the volume HDPE which allows installers more room to maneuver in tight workspaces
  • The unique fabric mesh is not effected by the temperature variations associated with bridge installations.


Want more information on the benefits of using MaxCell in your next bridge project?  Download the case study below or use the web form on this page to contact a MaxCell team member.


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