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Digging Isn't the Only Way. Add More Cables with MaxCell.

MaxCell® is revolutionizing the network construction industry with its flexible, multi-celled, fabric innerduct solution.

Increase Cable Density

Increase Cable Density

By being able to increase cable density in network infrastructure, greenfield applications require smaller trenches, smaller vaults, and less conduit while still providing channel for future network expansions.

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MaxCell Edge

NEW ! MaxCell Edge

MaxCell Edge features a new patented fabric design and 565 kg Vis™Glide rope in each cell, both of which reduce pulling tension when installing cables. With its new orange color, MaxCell Edge is more visible and has increased durability.

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Overlay Inside and Outside Plant


MaxCell’s flexibility allows for installation over existing cables. No trenching. No machinery. No new conduit. Plus, you can save any remaining empty ducts for future network additions.

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Low Carbon Technology

MaxCell ENEL Field Trial

MaxCell ENEL Field Trial